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It is observed that buildings in metro cities like Mumbai, especially residential buildings are not maintained properly. In absence of proper maintenance & due to exposure of the surface to the exterior atmospheric conditions such as Temperature fluctuations and Polluting Air (Constituting Water vapour, Carbon dioxide, And Carbon monoxide etc.) reduces alkalinity of plaster making it porous. Absorption of moisture inside the structure leads to initial dampness and then leakage. Due to entry of water, corrosion of reinforcement takes place resulting into cracking of columns & beams.

It is advisable to undertake PROTECTIVE COATING which also helps in Waterproofing t regular intervals, which withstands variation in atmospheric conditions. "stitch in time saves nine". This should be the approach for undertaking repairs & maintenance of the building.

In event of inspection if it is found that plaster has become weak, then it is recommended to remove only loose & unsound plaster and undertake Chemical Waterproofing.

In event of inspection, if the cracks are noticed over structural members [columns & beams] and plaster has also become weak at most of the places, then only it is recommended to remove the entire plaster & RESTORE members using EPOXY/ POLYMER base systems & carry out plastering. Such kind of restoration must be carried out under the supervision of an able consultant & by efficient contractor. Floor to Floor leakages arising out of plumbing lines must be attended simultaneously. NEEDLESS TO MENTION THAT A GOOD QUALITY PROTECTIVE COATING WHICH ALSO HELPS IN WATERPROOFING MUST BE DONE THERE AFTER.

Whit regards to the Terrace Waterproofing, besides Chemical Treatment ( Polymer Modified Cementatious Waterproof Coating & Brick bat coba methods), one can also go for the MEMBRANE WATERPROOFING hot – torching method.

For the need of Beautification ( Tiled Effect) along with waterproofing effect – for terraces as well as vertical walls – we offer SHINGLES – Roofing material – for the same.

For the need of Heat Insulation at the top floor flats, we offer Heat Insulation boards to be fixed up after the membranes OR we can also apply Heat Reflective paint on the top of the membranes, which helps one to reduce the temperature of the said flat.

we also offer Heat Reflective Paints for their application to the terrace roof and also the side walls.

We have successfully carried out the Dust Free Epoxy Flooring and Coating jobs at various locations we are in a position to provide Epoxy Based floorings of thickness from 250 microns up to 7 mm.

Our details of the JOBS EXECUTED have been listed for your reference.

we offer 24 X 7 Service to all our customers irrespective of their Geographical location for the works cariied out by us. The company is in process of ISO Certification.

It shall be our pleasure to provide you our best services for which you may have to fill up NECESSARY FORM on line.

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