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HISTORY: The technology for protective coating has evolved over a period of time depending upon substrate (Surface to be coated; Metal, Nonmetal, Concrete, Stone, Wood Etc.) properties of coating system and durability. These days coating systems are designed which are more envoirnment friendly. The technology is changing very rapidly and every day new coating systems are introduced in the world.

In India, Protective coatings are broadly classified as paints. There are cement base, Acrylic base, Epoxy base, Polyurethane base Coatings available for Protecting the building/structure. Selection of the right product is important. While selecting a product certain parameters are required to be considered include percentage of elongation ,dry film thickness, UV resistance, Resistance to saline atmosphere and their chemical resistance. Resistance to algae and fungi is also considered these days.

Cement base paints are not flexible in nature and provide protection for a shorter duration compared to Acrylic base & Polyurethane base Coating system. Thus though cement paints can paint the surface, they cannot be considered in helping the waterproofing.

There are Acrylic base systems available only for Protective Coating & help to some extent in waterproofing. These painting systems provide dry film thickness of 45 to 50 microns and are not very elastic in nature. There are other Acrylic base systems which are quite elastic (Elongation more than 100%) and provide dry film system of 350 to 500 microns (0.35 to0.5mm) these systems are also stabilized against Ultraviolet Radiation. These systems can be considered for providing not only Protective coating but also in waterproofing. Acrylic base systems are water base systems & thus Eco-friendly in nature.

Polyurethane base system in comparision with Acrylic base systems provides better degree of protection to Ultra violet Radiations and also on account of their flexibility (Elongation 40%) help in waterproofing. these systems provide dry film system of 80 to 90 microns. These systems are solvent base systems.

These coating systems either individually or in combination with one another are used.

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