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Chemical waterproofing involves surface preparation, Grouting, Crack filling, Attending to only loose and unsound plaster & Application of Waterproofing system. The selection of the right product and right application are important characteristics of chemical waterproofing. Beauty of these systems is that you are not likely to damage the structure since you are not removing the complete plaster. These are less labour intensive. There is very less dusting and members are put to minimum inconvenience. These are cost effective and provide adequate protection in long run.

Chemical waterproofing in combination with laying of Shahbad stone in undertaken at pre construction stage to avoid entry of sub-soil water. Similarly chemical waterproofing in combination with Brickbat is undertaken at post construction stage to waterproof new / old terraces depending upon its design.

When it is not possible to do chemical waterproofing from positive side, it can be attended from negative side depending upon type of leakage.

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