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Transparent Silicone Water Repellent
CRYLO – S W R is designed as Silicone based Transparent Water Repellent Coating, to be applied to the substrates like Stone Masonry, Brick Masonry & Wood for water repellency.
  • For use of neutral and alkaline mineral substrates such as bricks, concrete, sandstone and mortar that require water repellency.
  • For use on Wooden Substrates for Water Repellency.
  • Suitable both old and new structures. Brush / Spray application method.
  • Does not allow fungus, patch or biological growth.
  • It increases the life of coated surface.
CRYLO – S W R is solvented Silicone based coating containing Silane / Siloxane.
Transparent liquid with brushable consistency.
  • Penetration of absorbent surfaces due to small molecular structure provides added repellency.
  • Penetrating treatment will not change the appearance of original structure.
  • Reduction in water absorption. Reduces cracking & spalling.
  • UV stable to increase the life of the treatment.
  • Chemically bonds to substrate.
  • Water vapour permeable but resistant to liquid water.
Tools should be cleaned with plenty of water.
Exposure to water may cause the material to cure in the container.
Do not store or use near sparks or open flames. Use this material in a well – ventilated area. Always wear protective goggles and gloves.
If inhaled, move immediately to fresh air. In case of skin or eye contact, flush immediately with water for 15 minutes.
Exceptionally porous material such as block should be filled with slurry of Portland Cement before treating with CRYLO – S W R. On very dense surfaces such as hard burned or glazed bricks or tile where the rundown is too rapid, the coverage should be extended and two coats shall be applied in immediate succession. Protect shrubs, grass and other vegetation from CRYLO – S W R.
Methods of application include airless sprayers, roller and brush. When a brush or roller is used, repeated application should continue until the surface remains moist for a few minutes.
Cracks & open joints must be tuck-pointed and all loose particles, dirt, grease and wax should be removed from the surface. Silicone solutions will not cover structural defects or bridge cracks.
It should be applied in two coats. On vertical application, material should be applied from the bottom up and achieve a 6 to 8 inch rundown.
To ensure compatibility and desired water repellent result, a test application is necessary on each surface to be treated.
1 Ltr. will give yield around 4 – 5 Sq. m., depending upon substrate.
CRYLO – S W R is available in 5 Lts. & 20 Lts. drums.
As per requirement prior intimation can be provided for smaller packing.
CRYLO – S W R has a Shelf Life of 1 Year from manufacturing date.
  • Invisible or transparent
  • Keeps water out but lets dampness escape
  • Minimises efflorescence
  • Reduces cracking and deterioration
  • Keeps the substrate clean and anti – fungus.
Important Note:
All specifications published by the company are as accurate as possible and serve as a guide. Coverage figures are approximate, Whilst the products is of guaranteed quality company, does not accept any liability either directly or indirectly arising from the use of products since it has no direct or continuous control over where or how its products are applied. Information and recommendations contained in our literature are based upon experience and are giving in good faith. For specific confirmation of any details in the products information or use and application please write to company.
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