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CRYLOPOXY BEC is a 2K bitumen modified Epoxy coating, primarily used for protecting concrete or steel in underground structures from soil, chemicals, sewage water or other biological attack. Its unique blend of resins and hardeners along with specified anti-bacterial additives makes it an ideal cost-effective protective system.
CRYLOPOXY BEC is recommended as a coating material for protection of:
  • Sheet Piling, pile caps etc.
  • Concrete and Steel surfaces in sewage treatment plant
  • Tanks, Piping (Concrete Steels)
  • Chemical Plants
  • Underground structures
  • Submerged structures
  • Dams, Barrage gates, Penstocks
  • Crude oil storage tanks
  • Foundation walls and sumps
  • Effective chemical resistance against all underground chemicals
  • Resistant to most biological attack
  • Though black in colour, cures to a shiny hard surface and is not easily damaged due to back-fill.
  • Supplied in pre-measured packs and easy to mix and easy to apply.
  • Very cost-effective, high solids and high build system.
Correct preparation of surface is essential. As with all epoxy coating, correct surface preparation is very important. CRYLOPOXY BEC will have excellent adhesion to the substrate if the surface is sound, free of dust, grease, oil etc.
Concrete surface must be even and free of cracks and other defects. Remove all laitance by abrading or wire brushing. Remove all dust from the surface. All cracks are to be filled with low-viscous epoxy before attempting to coat with CRYLOPOXY BEC. The surface shall be absolutely dry before application of primer.
Mix together CRYLOPOXY BEC Component A and Component B thoroughly using a pallet knife or an electrical drill mixer till a homogenous and uniform colour is obtained. If not mixed properly, the material will not cure properly and will fail in performance.
Apply CRYLOPOXY BEC by brush or roller to the required thickness.
CRYLOPOXY BEC is applied over the primed surface @ 150 to 200 grams per sq.m in single coat. But it is advisable to apply two coats at right angles to each other. This way any blemishes of the first coat will get covered by the second coat. Allow first coat to become tack free before the second coat is applied. (Generally second coat is applied after overnight curing of first coat.)
Recommended Thickness:
Thickness will depend on the condition of the surface and on the type of use. In general thickness varies from 125 microns to 175 microns per coat.
COVERAGE : 150 g per sq.m per coat
: A: B: 4:1 (BY WEIGHT)
POT LIFE : 40 to 50 minutes
CURING TIME : Foot traffic after 24 hours. Heavy traffic after 48 hours. Full chemical resistance after 7 days cure.
Shelf-life : 6 months from date of mfr
CRYLOPOXY BEC is available in 2 Kg units packed in 10 Kg cartons
Priming is optional for anchoring purpose. Trial should be conducted to exercise this option to improve adhesion.
All specifications published by the company are as accurate as possible and serve as a guide. Coverage figures are approximate, Whilst the products is of guaranteed quality company, does not accept any liability either directly or indirectly arising from the use of products since it has no direct or continuous control over where or how its products are applied. Information and recommendations contained in our literature are based upon experience and are giving in good faith. For specific confirmation of any details in the products information or use and application please write to company.
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