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Liquid & Powder Waterproofing – Plasticizing Admixture

CRYLO – I W P (Integral Waterpeller) when used as an admixture, forms a internal barrier against water penetration. CRYLO – I W P also increases the plasticity of mortar, reduces water absorption and thereby guards against freeze – thaw damage.
CRYLO – I W P (Integral Waterpeller) is used in mass concrete foundation walls, floors, Water-tanks, Terrace Slabs and in mortar for setting masonry and blocks, that must be watertight.
  • Reduces moisture absorption as much as 60 %.
  • Reduces vapour transmission through walls & slabs.
  • Reduces capillary action.
  • Provides greater workability.


Add CRYLO – I W P to concrete or mortar in the following proportions:
Liquid: 100 to 200 ml. per 50 Kgs.
bag of cement.
Powder: 500 Gms. per 50 Kgs.
bag of cement.
3.9 TO 5.7 Ltr. liquid or 1.8 to 2.7 Kg. powder of CRYLO – I W P will treat 0.76 m3 of concrete or mortar for laying 1300 bricks.


All concrete or mortar, where so designated, shall be treated with an admixture to form an inert and water repellent film which will line the pore structure of the concrete and / or mortar making it integrally water repellent. The admixture shall be CRYLO – I W P and it shall be used in strict accordance with the directions of the manufacturer.
CRYLO – I W P is available in 500 Gms. & 5 Kgs. Packing for Powder and 5, 20 & 200 Ltrs. for Liquid.
C A U T I O N :
All products should be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. No responsibility will be taken by the manufacturer where conditions of use are beyond their control.
Important Note
All specifications published by the company are as accurate as possible and serve as a guide. Coverage figures are approximate, Whilst the products is of guaranteed quality company, does not accept any liability either directly or indirectly arising from the use of products since it has no direct or continuous control over where or how its products are applied. Information and recommendations contained in our literature are based upon experience and are giving in good faith. For specific confirmation of any details in the products information or use and application please write to company.
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